The Personal and Professional Profile of Kyle N. J. McIsaac

Welcome to my site!

Oh, hello there! I'd like to formally welcome you to my personal and professional profile. During your visit, please feel free to explore the different sections listed below under the What You Will Find section.


What You Will Find...

You will find four main pages on my website:

  • Resume
    My resume is a constant changing item, with new qualifications added one after another. The web-based version of my resume is always the latest version containing my latest employment, education, and qualifications.
  • Certifications
    Apart from my resume, images of all my certifications are posted under the Certifications section of this website.
  • Projects
    As a software developer with a lot of free time on my hands, I am always working on some form of application or project. This page contains a listing of projects that I am personally working on.
  • Code Book
    I use many different pieces of code on a regular basis, some hand-written and some found online. This page contains a database of all software code that I have used or developed.

If you wish to contact me, you can use one of the methods listed on the Contact Me page.


Special Mentions

A special mention goes to FatCow hosting for the design of the icons being used on this website. You can obtain these icons for free by clicking here.


A Very Special Call-out

Since there is a certain someone going to be checking out my page from Windows Support, I'd like to say welcome and hope to talk soon. :-)